Product Content Guide

This section helps us write a clear and consistent content for Gympass as a product. By the way, this style guide was created by the UX team, with the collaboration of Branding and others internal teams, but we hope that, in some way, it can be helpful for everybody who works with content and communication.

The entire guide is searchable, so you can use the index to go straight to the item you’re looking for.

Writing goals and principles

With every single word we use, we aim to:

  • Respect. Be considerate and inclusive. Everyone needs to feel welcome, so we treat all kind of readers with empathy and respect.
  • Guide. Communicate in a friendly and instructional way. We like to think that we are the kind of guide that takes people's hands and helps them to have no doubts in our interfaces.
  • Speak in a simple way. Avoid dramatic storytelling and excessive information. We say the truth in the most familiar words for the user.
  • Be natural. Bring physical activities up in regular conversations. We don't make a big deal about it, we just approach the subject casually and in a genuine way.
  • Help people with their needs. Remember about the Job to be Done concept. People buy products/services to get any work done, so we have to think about that when writing our messages.

So, in order to achieve those goals, our content must be:

  • Clear. Remove the jargons and technical terms, and use simple words and sentences.
  • Concise. It means something closer to efficient. Use as few words as possible without losing the meaning.
  • Useful. Think about the actions the user must take to reach his/her goal and use the right words for him/her to take the next step safely.
  • Friendly. Write like a human. Don’t be afraid to break a few rules if it makes the writing more relatable and warm.
  • Appropriate. Adapt the tone depending on who you’re writing to and what you’re writing about, just like we do in face-to-face conversations.

This guide is a live material

It means that all the time we will include, take out and modify things, always thinking about the best for the Gympass product. So it's always worth taking a look to see if something has changed and what's new, ok?

Consult whenever it's necessary and, in case of doubts or suggestions, just talk to us, the UX Writers :)

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